About the photographer and web designer Marko Bussmann from Berlin

Fotograf und Webdesigner Marko Bußmann

Photographer and web designer Marko Bußmann

About the photographer Marko Bussmann

My name is Marko Bußmann and I live in Berlin since 1992. Since 2008 I work in my own photo studio as a photographer and Webdesigner.

My interest has always been the creation of color and form. It took me a while to find my vocation in Photography and Webdesign.

In the beginning I was very interested in the technical background. Meanwhile I can fully concentrate on my creativity and its implementation.

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Web designer and graphic designer

I design and create lovingly designed websites that fit your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Need logos, business cards, flyers, brochures, invitations, stationery or business cards? I can help you get your project to print.


Bussmann Design Webdesigner und Fotograf

Web designer Marko Bussmann

Eröffnung Photo Atelier Beauty Shooter 2008

Interior design at opening 2008

Career in Berlin

From the middle of the nineties my heart was beating only for the photography.

With the time I acquired the necessary knowledge about the camera-, picture-, photolab-and lighting and worked as a photographer since 1999.

Later everything became digital and I was busy with image processing. Finally I could use my drawing talent to the full.

At the beginning of December 2008 I opened my own photo studio.

My childhood

I come from a small village in Brandenburg, about 120 km towards Hamburg.

As a child I drew a lot, at school my talent was promoted and during the summer holidays I could go to a specialist camp for young artists several times.

As a trained cook I moved to Berlin at the beginning of the nineties. Then I did a second training as a curative teacher and worked 15 years in the care of the handicapped.

das Dorf Barenthin aus der Luft

Village Barenthin from the air