Biometric passport photos for babies, children and adults in the photo studio Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

4 Stück biometrische Passbilder

4 pieces

passport photos
14,90 €
4 prints 35×45 mm
choose from 8 photos
incl. image processing
right to take away
further picture: 2,75 €
as an image file: + 5 €
biometrische Passbilder 2 Personen

from 2 pers.

passport photos
from 2 persons
10,90 €
price per person
3 prints each 35×45 mm
choose from 8 photos
incl. image processing
right to take away
further picture: 2,75 €
as an image file: + 5 €
biometrische Passbilder Digital als Bilddatei


passport photos
as image file
11,90 €
pictures by e-mail
image file on stick/e-mail
choose from 8 photos
incl. image processing
sent immediately
as print: 2,75 € each
another image file: + 5 €
Passbilder für USA Visum


passport photos
for visa
13,90 €
2 prints 51×51 mm
choose from 8 photos
incl. image processing
right to take away
further picture: 2,75 €
as an image file: + 5 €

biometrische Passbilder für Kinder und Erwachsene

Passport photos of a customer

Cheap biometric passport photos for your identity card, passport, visa, health card, work card, driver’s license, BahnCard, business ID card, student ID card, pensioner ID card or student ID card

Here you are exactly right for biometric passport photos in Prenzlauer Berg. By using soft light and professional image editing in Photoshop, your skin will look especially good on the passport photo.

You can have passport photos taken here for the following purposes:

  • Identity card
  • Passport
  • Visa (USA, China and other countries)
  • driving licence and international driving licence
  • Annual public transport ticket
  • Health insurance card
  • BahnCard
  • Company identity card
  • Student card
  • Student card
  • Pensioner ID
  • Disabled person’s pass

Discount on passport photos: from 2 persons 4,00 € cheaper

From 2 persons passport photos cost only 10,90 € per person, so you save 4,00 € per person!

Gallery passport photos

Requirements for a passport photograph for:

Biometric passport photographs Student card Babies / Toddlers Visa

How many passport photos do I have to hand in when applying for an identity card, passport or driving licence?

If you apply for an identity card, passport or driving licence, you will need a biometric passport photo. If you apply for your identity card or passport together at the Bürgeramt, all you need is a biometric passport photo.

I’ll give you 4 passport photos on photo paper. If you offer two or more people, I will send you 3 passport photos on photo paper. Of course you can order more passport photos.

Can I also hand in my passport photo digitally or must it be on photographic paper?

The biometric passport photo should be printed on photographic paper.

More tips

Prices biometric passport photos

Variants of the passport photosPrice
4 passport photos 35 × 45 mm14,90 €
4 passport photos + digital photo19,90 €
Passport photos Digital only11,90 €
3 passport photos from 2 persons per (price tip)10,90 €
2 passport photographs for visa 51 × 51 mm13,90 €
each additional passport photo2,75 €
Picture file from passport picture5,00 €

Payment methods

Zahlungsmethoden in Bar, Girokarte oder Kreditkarte

Payment in cash, contactless (Apple Pay, Google Pay…) Giro card or credit card

Apply for desired date:

11:00 – 17:00 under: 030 98 29 25 41

from 10:00 – 19:00 under: 0179 695 85 50

or online:

Book appointment for passport photos

Biometric passport photographs immediately

You still need today or quite fast biometric passport pictures?

Best to me Letter or call me at 0179 695 85 50, and find out when it is best possible today.

The passport photos are available immediately for takeaway.

Gallery passport photos

What passport photos look like in this photo studio:

Bürgeramt Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

The closest citizen’s office is Bürgeramt Prenzlauer Berg in der Fröbelstraße 17, 10405 Berlin. Here you can, for example, apply for your identity card, passport and driving licence.

Opening hours:

  • Mon. 8.00 – 15.00
  • Tue & Thu. 8.00 – 18.00
  • Wed. & Fr. 8.00 – 13.00

You always need an appointment there, which you can get online:

Arrange an appointment at the citizen’s office

Bürgeramt Berlin Prenzlauer Berg in der Fröbelstraße 17

Citizens’ Office Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Anforderungen biometrisches Passbild für Babys

Passport photo for babies

Biometric passport photographs also for babies and toddlers

children’s passport photos, children’s passport photos for the children’s passport and the children’s passport

If you want to photograph your baby or toddler it is important that the child is awake and not crying, so make an appointment at a time when your child is awake during the day.

If your child can’t hold his head alone, it’s best to come with a partner so that you can hold the child and support the head, if you can’t get a second person to help you, the child can lie down and the picture will be taken from above.

Requirements for a biometric passport photograph for babies and toddlers

As with adults, the child must not laugh, smile or cry. In addition, no other persons may be seen in the picture, such as hands. Until the age of 6, small deviations in head posture, facial expression, viewing direction and so on are permitted. In addition, the child’s head may occupy an area of 50 to 80 percent of the picture until the child reaches the age of 10.

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Official biometric passport photo requirements

A official biometric passport photo must be exactly 35 × 45 mm sized and taken exactly frontally. The image must not have an edge and the head must only occupy approx. 70 to 80 percent of the passport photograph. The height from chin to skull (not hairstyle) must be between 32 and 36 mm. It must also be sharp and have sufficient contrast.

It is also important to pay attention to the focus. You must have a neutral facial expression and the image must be photographed against a bright background. In addition, the photo may be retouched only minimally, because it should show you how you normally look.

Furthermore, no headgear or the like may be worn on the passport photo and the eyes may not be covered by sunglasses or hair. If you wear glasses, you have to make sure that the lenses do not reflect and make your eyes unrecognisable and that the glasses are not too dark or tinted.

Bundesdruckerei sample board

What to look out for with passport photos?

It is very important that the head is not tilted or turned. In addition, the passport photograph must extend from the tip of the chin to the top of the head and clearly show your left and right sides of the face. Also do not laugh or smile on the picture.

What about glasses, sunglasses and headgear on passport photos?

No sunglasses or the like may be worn. If glasses have to be worn, it is important to make sure that the lenses are not too dark so that the eyes can be seen. Headgear is not allowed unless the person is wearing it for religious reasons. The edge of the glasses must not cut the eye, it can happen that the office rejects the passport photo then.

In the case of long hair or a pony, care must also be taken that the eyes or parts of the face are not covered.

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Anforderungen biometrisches Passbild für Erwachsene

biometric passport photo with 35 × 45 mm

Anforderungen biometrisches Passbild für Schülerausweis

Photo for student identity card

Light image for the student ID card

From 01.08.2019 there is the student ticket, which entitles free travel in Berlin with the BVG and the Berlin S-Bahn. The “Berliner Schülerausweis I” for the school year 2018/19 is required.

This can only be applied for online at from 11.05.19 with the Berliner Schülerausweis I valid for the school year 2018/2019.

photo or passport photo for the student ID and the student ticket

Students who are 16 years of age or older in the 2019 school year or older must upload the current Student ID Card I again immediately after issue of the Student ID Card for the 2019/2020 school year, but no later than 10 October 2019, in order to prove that the entitlement still exists. For the application, the first and last name, the address of the student and the current Berliner Schülerausweis I, as well as a current photo must be uploaded.

Book date for photo

Passport photo for USA visa

The passport photographs for the US visa shall not be more than six months old and 51 × 51 mm in size. The image of the applicant’s head shall have a vertical length of 25 × 35 mm. It must be a colour photograph taken against a white background. The applicant shall look directly into the camera and, if possible, both ears should be visible.

New: From 1 November 2017, spectacle wearers must submit photos without glasses.

Further information about the US-Visa Passport photos of other countries Book date for visa images

Anforderungen Passbild US Visum

Passport photo US visa with 51 × 51 mm

Tips and helpful hints for handling passport photos

How long are passport photos valid? How old can passport photos be?

Citizen’s Services says your passport photo must be current. That’s not a time stamp, of course. I don’t think so: You can use your passport photos for a year to apply for a passport or ID card. But they should not be older. If you have already changed your appearance a lot, you should bring newer passport photos.

May I be made up in the passport photo?

Yes, that’s allowed. You can also change your hairstyle. Biometric passport photos are about the distances in your face (eyes, nose and mouth). These do not change with make-up.

Why are biometric passport photos so ugly?

You must not laugh or smile in the passport photographs. You can look as satisfied as possible. I also make sure that your picture does not look grim. I also use soft direct light and a great preparation of your skin in Photoshop. So your passport photos don’t look like mug shots from a vending machine.

What should I wear on biometric passport photos?

Because a hand width under your chin ends the picture already again, you can’t see much of your clothes on the passport photo. It is important that your face is free (no hat, cap or sunglasses).