Curriculum vitae photos, passport photos, portraits, family photos, erotic photos – photographer and photo studio in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

CV photos of a customer

CV photos of a customer

Professional application pictures, biometric passport pictures, portraits and erotic photos

Curriculum vitae photos, Passport photos, Beauty and Portraits professionally photographed by Marko Bußmann, the photographer the Fotostudios Photo Atelier Beauty Shooter at Wichertstraße 41 in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.

Photo studio near the Prenzlauer Alle

You need good biometric passport photos, passport photos for your visa, professional application photos or beautiful portraits of you? In a side street of Prenzlauer Allee, Wichertstraße 41, you’ll find me as a professional photographer who gets the best out of you. I can do that with soft professional light boxes and my talent and ability to conjure up great skin for you in Photoshop.

Photo shooting with privacy

My Studio there is not in a shopping center, so you don’t have any spectators at the shooting and you don´t feel observed.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, because with an appointment I have 100% time for you!

It is advisable to book a date for taking photos, otherwise it can happen that I have another date and cannot take photos of you immediately or you would have to come back another time.

Book now for a suitable date!

What do you think about being able to book an appointment online right now? You can look into my calendar and choose a free date and you will get immediate confirmation that it will work.

Booking a appointment

Photographer Marko Bussmann

Photographer Marko Bußmann

Biometrische Passbilder für Ausweis, Pass oder Visum

Passport photos for your identity card, passport, visa, health card, work card or student card

I urgently need passport photos or curriculum vitae photos!

Book appointment immediately online

If you need Passport photos or curriculum vitae photos today, then use the opportunity now directly and bindingly to book an appointment online.

Arrange an appointment by phone, WhatsApp or e-mail

Before 10:00 a.m. please write me a E-Mail or book an appointment directly. From 10:00 o’clock you can also reach me at any time under 0179 695 85 50 or with WhatsApp. From 11:00 a.m. from Monday to Friday you can also dial the number in the studio under 030 98 29 25 41.

Write by WhatsApp Write an e-mail

Best offers for application pictures, portraits, erotic photos and biometric passport pictures

Take a look at the current offers for application photos, portraits, erotic photos or biometric passport photos. From there you can book an appointment directly:

Passport photos Offers CV pictures Offers beauty Offers portraits Offers erotic photos

With professional light and professional image processing to excellent images

Special radiant skin and image processing according to your wishes

During the photo shoot I only use soft direct light, so you will look especially bright when you take the photos. After the shoot you can make your image selection in the photo studio or choose it conveniently online. After professional image editing with Photoshop your images will be sent by e-mail.

This is what image editing looks like

Take a look at these Previous/Afterpictures and see how great you can look after Picture retouching:

Gallery Image Editing

mehrere Stärken der Bildbearbeitung

several strengths of image processing

Originalaufnahme und bearbeitetes Bild

Original image and edited image

Natural beauty despite Photoshop

Using Photoshop is not really easy. It’s even less easy to edit images and still not see the editing. I’ve been working with Adobe Photoshop since 2001 and over the years I’ve learned many tricks to make the result convincing.

Professional image editing is manual work

What I hear again and again is that I should put a filter over it so that the skin or the whole picture looks better. Many people are not aware of the fact that I work on every part of the picture myself by hand. That’s a lot of work, but you have all the changes in your hands and can respond very well to the wishes of your customers.

This is how I proceed in image processing:

  1. read in RAW image
  2. improve contrasts
  3. face, hair, figure more symmetric draw
  4. Mitigate skin shine spots
  5. Remove skin impurities
  6. Remove lint, stains and wrinkles on clothing
  7. eye white and teeth whitening
  8. Smooth background
  9. Save and export images

View other examples

Hintergrund + Original = Bild mit neuem Hintergrund

background + original = picture with new background

Special requests Image processing

  • Replace background
  • Exchange eyes
  • hair more wavy
  • Combine images from several people

Bewerbungsbild eines Kunden

Customer’s application photo

Advanced offers for application pictures

You are looking for good application pictures and have to pay attention to your money, then use the opportunity to save. Choose from three highly discounted offers your favorite and make an appointment today:

Offers Application Pictures

Price tip: From 2 persons on everyone pays 10 € less!

Come in twos and save 10 € per person. So you only pay 29 € for an application shoot for one outfit instead of 39 €. Now you can book an appointment online for 2 persons.

How much will your pictures cost:

The prices are modular. The total price is calculated from the photo name + the ordered prints / digital pictures.

All prices at a glance
Price Calculator

Zahlungsmethoden in Bar, Girokarte oder Kreditkarte

Payment methods in cash, contactless (Apple Pay, Google Pay…) Giro card or credit card



How to get to the photo studio by public transport


Get off at the S-Bahn station Prenzlauer Allee (S41, S42, S8, S85, S9), leave the only exit on the left and walk along Prenzlauer Allee for about 200 meters. Turn left into Wichertstraße and walk approx. 60 m, then you are in front of the studio in Wichertstraße 41.


Get out of the M2 Prenzlauer Allee, walk out of town to the left of the platform and walk directly 60 m into Wichertstraße, then you are in front of the studio in Wichertstraße 41.

Open Google Maps

Parking with the car

There is a parking space management, so parking places are quite good to get during the day.

If you want to become a customer of LIDL, Netto or Kaisers, you can also use its parking spaces, all of which are very close to the intersection Prenzlauer Allee / Wichertstraße / Grellstraße.

Use the Google route planner

Use the Google Maps route planner. Simply enter your starting position and the route to the Photo Atelier at Wichertstraße 41 will be displayed:

Tips for better application pictures

With swollen eyes for photo shoot

You can’t always be top fit, but swollen eyelids are harder to remove in image editing. In this case it’s best to call me or write an e-mail and postpone the appointment.

If you booked the appointment online, then look in the confirmation e-mail, there is a link, so you can move the appointment.

What if I have a pimple?

That’s no problem at all for me. I’ll edit all the pictures you choose and remove a pimple, eye rims, fluff, redness and other discolorations in Photoshop anyway, without you having to mention it separately.

Which clothes should I wear?

Please find out what expectations are placed on you as an applicant. You are welcome to bring several variants of clothing with you and show them to me, then we will select the suitable one together. I would always recommend classic things that don’t attract too much attention.

Should I smile on the application pictures?

It is likely that you will be chosen in part by sympathy. If you have a great smile, you should use it. We will make recordings with and without a smile and you can decide later which recordings to take.

Things you should avoid:

I will optimize many things in the picture processing, so that you are satisfied later with your application pictures.

However, it would be good if you could pay attention to some things yourself:

  • badly fitting clothes
  • garments that do not fit together
  • folded / unironed shirts and blouses
  • transparent shirts or blouses
  • unwashed hair
  • outgrown hair color
  • swollen eyes

Frequently Asked Questions

How and which pictures do I get?

After the Shoot you can select in the studio or on-line your pictures, these are then still worked on by me and sent to your E-Mail.

All other unedited pictures will be kept for a few more years for further orders.

How long did the image processing take?

As a rule, I process the pictures on weekdays on the day on which I receive your order by 16:00 at the latest.

If I am still waiting for a bank transfer from you, you can speed this up by sending me a bank transfer confirmation to my e-mail.

Are EC cards / Giro cards accepted?

You can pay in cash or with Giro card and Maestro (without minimum turnover). Credit card payments cost +3% of the amount in addition!

I cannot during opening hours!

You are welcome to tell me your desired dates outside my opening hours. Even on Saturdays I accept appointments.

What do I bring to the photoshoot?

Bring at least 4 outfits with you, then we can see together which are best suited for your application.

What are prints or digital pictures?

Prints are photos on a paper carrier (photo paper). Digital images are photos that can be viewed on screen and printed, copied, posted, and sent.

Am I free to use digital images?

Acquired digital images are allowed for private and commercial use, resale is prohibited. In case of publication I should be named as author “Photo: © Marko Bußmann –”.

May I scan prints?

The digitization of prints is prohibited! If you need digital pictures, you can order them, the prices can be found here or when ordering yourself. The image quality will then also be considerably better than if you scan images.