CV photos, business photos, curriculum vitae photos in the photo studio in Prenzlauer Berg

Bewerbungsfotos Angebot 1

Offer 1

1 clothing style
Photo shoots curriculum vitae
39 €
from 2 persons 29 €
shoot with 1 clothing style
25 shots
2 digital pictures size S
incl. image processing
Instead of digital pictures also 3 prints 45×60 mm of 1 motive possible!
Bewerbungsfotos Angebot 2

Offer 2

2 clothing styles
Photo shoots curriculum vitae
49 €
from 2 persons 39 €
shoot with 2 clothing styles
50 shots
3 digital pictures size S
incl. image processing
Instead of digital pictures also 4 prints 45×60 mm of 2 motives possible!
Bewerbungsfotos Angebot 3

Offer 3

3 clothing styles
Photo shoots curriculum vitae
59 €
from 2 persons 49 €
shoot mit 3 Outfits
75 shots
4 digital pictures size S
incl. image processing
Instead of digital pictures also 8 prints 45×60 mm of 4 motives possible!

Bilder in-höherer Auflösung

higher resolution for more details in the image

Pictures in higher resolution than on offer

You can order digital images in different resolutions after the shoot, depending on which use of the images you want, certain minimum resolutions are required.

Size S
600 × 900 Pixel (0,5 MegaPixel)
+ 0,00 €
Size M
1200 × 1800 Pixel (2 MegaPixel)
+ 2,40 €
Size L
2828 × 4243 Pixel (12 MegaPixel)
+ 8,40 €
Size XL
4000 × 6000 Pixel (24 MegaPixel)
+ 11,40 €

Meaning of the resolutions

Prices for more digital pictures than on offer

per digital image size S
600 × 900 Pixel (0.5 MegaPixel)
8,50 €
per digital image size M
1200 × 1800 Pixel (2 MegaPixel)
10,90 €
per digital image size L
2828 × 4243 Pixel (12 MegaPixel)
16,90 €
per digital image size XL
4000 × 6000 Pixel (24 MegaPixel)
19,90 €

Payment methods

Zahlungsmethoden in Bar, Girokarte oder Kreditkarte

Payment in cash, contactless (Apple Pay, Google Pay…) Giro card or credit card


Book appointment online

You can choose an appointment in my calendar and book it directly!


photo shoot with hints

I advise you with your brought outfits and give you tips to your poses.


Select images + optimize

You can choose your pictures online, I will edit them for you in Photoshop.

Rabatt auf Bewerbungsbilder

Offers for application photos to save

Use one of the discounted offers for application photos and make an appointment now!

Discount information for more than 10 € from 2 persons

There is a discount if you are at least 2 persons and appear on the same date. Please indicate the number of persons when booking! You don’t have to use the same offer. This means, for example, that one person can use the offer 1 for 29 € and the other can use the offer 2 for 39 €.

In any case everyone gets his discount.

Many good reviews of this photo studio

Photographer with one of the best Google ratings in Prenzlauer Berg

Read the Google Reviews (at the moment 150 Reviews, Status 02/2020).


5-Sterne Bewertung
4,9 Google-Reviews

Gallery application photos

This is what CV photos in this photo studio look like:

Bewerbungsbild einer Kundin

Photos of a client

How to succeed with your application

So that you look great on your application photos really great, I use only soft direct light, so that your skin looks very radiant.

After taking the photos you can view your pictures in the studio or online. Your image selection will be edited later with Photoshop according to your wishes professionally. You can also choose your favorites at home by logging in with your password.

What should I wear?

Bring to the day of the photo shoots several pieces of clothing with you, preferably classic without large patterns. We can see together which clothes you should wear. In 20 minutes we will create about 3 outfits.

More hints Hints from magazine “SPIEGEL”

If you’re late

If you notice that you will be late for the shoot, just let me know by e-mail, SMS or phone call. Please do not rush to me, because your body heats up and sweats too much and your face will be unnecessarily reddened and glasses may fog up. Then we have to wait until you have cooled down. The time you had gained by hurrying is now gone again.

I have a pimple, what now?

That’s not a problem at all. You don’t even have to put make-up on it. That never really works out perfectly anyway. This can be removed quickly and completely during image processing.

I am or feel sick with

The best thing is to reschedule until you’re fit again. If you have made the appointment via the booking function (, then you have received an e-mail in which there is a button to move the appointment. Otherwise you can also call me (0179 695 85 50) and have the appointment postponed.

Get well rested for a photo shoot

You don’t always manage to be top fit on exactly this day. If you only have eye rims, then I will eliminate them later in the image processing anyway. But if you have swollen eyes, then it would be good to call me and make a new appointment. If the songs are hanging thick over your eyes, it’s not so easy to get rid of them in Photoshop.

These things you should avoid

I can eliminate many things later in the image processing, nevertheless some hints should be considered, so that your appearance corresponds later with your photo with the conception.

This should be avoided:

  • badly fitting clothes
  • clothes unsuitable for the profession
  • folded shirts, ties or blouses
  • transparent shirts or blouses
  • unwashed hair
  • out-grown hair color
  • unevenly applied make-up

What should I wear?

Find out what expectations the company has of the applicants you want to apply to. The best thing is to try out several styles and combinations during the shoot. I am happy to advise you when I see your things. Classic outfits are the best, so you don’t draw attention away from your face.

Which design code is appropriate for the interview

What should one wear to a job interview and to job photos? Does it have to be a tie or a suit/blazer? Or may I apply to a company with jeans and a shirt or T-shirt?

Many companies include a dress code in their requirements, but do you know its meaning?

Understanding dress code (gentlemen)

Dress tips for business women

Should I laugh on the photo?

A smile seems more sympathetic and open-minded. It can happen to you that you are chosen after sympathy, that often happens also unconsciously. But the smile should not be artificial or unnatural. If your smile is not to your advantage, a satisfied look will do just as well. To whom you belong I quickly find out.

Regular prices for application photos (without offer)

The price consists of the Shoot + the ordered pictures.

Type of servicePrice
Shoot curriculum vitae photos
20 minutes / approx. 75 shots
39 €
each print up to 6×9 cm3,20 €
per digital image size S
600 × 900 Pixel (0,5 MegaPixel)
8,50 €
per digital image size M
1200 × 1800 Pixel (2 MegaPixel)
10,90 €
per digital image size L
2828 × 4243 Pixel (12 MegaPixel)
16,90 €
per digital image size XL
4000 × 6000 Pixel (24 MegaPixel)
19,90 €

Use the images

Acquired digital images are allowed for private and commercial use, resale is prohibited.

The digitisation of prints is prohibited.

That’s what the resolutions of the digital images mean

Digital image Size S:

  • Image resolution:
    600 x 900 pixels or 0.5 million pixels
  • Use:
    in websites, application by e-mail, printing up to business card size
  • Size on display:
    ca. 9 × 13 cm
  • Druckgröße bei 300 ppi:
    5,08 × 7,62 cm

Digital image size M:

  • Image resolution:
    1200 x 1800 pixel bzw. 2 million pixels
  • Use:
    in websites full screen, application by e-mail, flyer printing up to postcard size
  • Size on display:
    FullHD, format-filling
  • Print size at 300 ppi:
    10 × 15 cm

Digital image size L:

  • Image resolution:
    2828 × 4243 pixel or 12 million pixels
  • Use:
    Flyers, posters up to a little over A4
  • Size on display:
  • Print size at 300 ppi:
    23,94 × 35,92 cm

Digital image size XL:

  • Image resolution:
    4000 × 6000 pixels or 24 million pixels
  • Use:
    Flyer, poster up to approx. A3, print up to four times A4 size, strong cut-outs possible
  • Size on display:
    strongly zoomable
  • Print size at 300 ppi:
    33,87 × 50,80 cm