Product photography – product images and photos of products for your online shop

Product pictures for your online shop, your website or for printing

In order to sell a product well online, it must be presented on the website in a way that gives a complete impression of its nature and functionality.

increase sales in the online shop

Good product photos cannot be realized with simple means. A professional can get more out of Photoshop with professional light and post-processing and increase your sales in the shop.

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Produktfotos - Bilder von Produkten

Product image created from single images

Product photos for Amazon and ebay and other online shops

  • perfect product photos
  • Product parts floating on several levels incl. labelling
  • photos with white background
  • Photos with natural backgrounds

Product images incl. image processing and in high resolution

  • Recolorize product images
  • image retouching for a perfect appearance of the product
  • Macro-photography for small objects
  • Images with 24 Megapixel resolution (up to 42 Megapixel resolution on request)
  • delivery of the pictures also in RAW or 16 bit

Requirements for product photos for Amazon and E-Bay

  • at least one photo, better from different angles
  • JPEG or PNG, sRGB
  • image size at least 1200 pixels (ebay: at least 500 pixels), ideally 2560 pixels
  • Background color: White
  • Product must fill 80% of the image area
  • no drop shadow on product
  • File names without spaces
  • no text in the image
  • no watermark in the image
  • no frame around the picture
Bildbearbeitung in der Produkfotografie

AdobeStock photo + product photo = product in realistic environment

Prices Shoot Products

Shoot products, 30 min.59 €
per digital image size S
600 × 900 Pixel (0.5 MegaPixel)
8,50 €
per digital image size M
1200 × 1800 Pixel (2 MegaPixel)
10,90 €
per digital image size L
2828 × 4243 Pixel (12 MegaPixel)
16,90 €
per digital image size XL
4000 × 6000 Pixel (24 MegaPixel)
19,90 €
per digital image size XXL (on request)
5304 × 7952 Pixel (42 MegaPixel)
24,90 €

The total price consists of the Shoot + the digital pictures! You have a hard time estimating the size? Then let us make you an offer!

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Produktfotos - Bilder von Produkten

Perfume picture arranged in Photoshop

Gallery product photography

This is what product pictures from this photo studio look like: